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Campus Life

The Campus Life Committee plans a variety of fun campus events, with an emphasis on the novelty and variety programs. Campus Life puts on frequent Bingo, Trivia, and Stuff-a-Plush events as well as a plethora of other interest-based programs.  These events give students the opportunity to have fun on campus while connecting with peers of similar interests.


The Concerts Committee is dedicated to putting on shows that are in demand by the UK campus & community.  The Director of this committee works to survey campus to reflect its wants in an artist as much as possible via many polls throughout the planning process. The Concerts Committee plans both big and small live music shows of all genres of music, as well as various music-themed events. This committee also puts on smaller-scale events throughout the semester such as Silent Disco, Karaoke events, Musical Trivias, Study Sounds. These events allow students to enjoy music in a different setting than just a concert.

Cultural Arts  

The Cultural Arts Committee plans events for art in the form of dance, paintings, installations, architectural models, photography, illustrations, floristry, and any other art form that enriches the campus community. The Cultural Arts Committee is known to go outside the boundaries of the gallery and express art around the landscape of our campus.

Campus Engagement

Campus Engagement works to plan events that engage students on a wide variety of topics, themes, and issues that relate to the UK student experience. They cover topics and issues that affect students and our community but everyone can enjoy, regardless of how affected they are. Some examples of events for the committee include Wildcat Market, a popular farmer’s market style event that works with the College of Agriculture farms and Student Government Association to supply students with free produce. This event tackles the issues of food insecurity on college campuses due to lack of resources and expenses, but is not limited to just those affected. These events showcase an issue that many are affected by, but do not limit who can enjoy.

Market Research

The Market Research Committee is responsible for conducting research for the Student Activities Board to discover not only what does and does not work, but also what students want us to bring to campus. Our research is conducted primarily through the use of several types of surveys, focus groups, and researched data collected and analyzed after attending all of SAB’s various events.. Market Research is very vital to the success of SAB because we analyze and help determine the Boards events from our number one audience, students.

Multicultural Affairs

The Multicultural Affairs Committee hosts events to encourage the UK community’s understanding and appreciation of various cultures – from cultures on the other side of the world to sub-cultures within Lexington.  These multicultural programs may take the form of speakers, cooking classes, forums, musical groups, performances, festivals, and/or artist exhibits. 

Pop Culture

The Pop Culture Committee plans events that focus on pop cultural topics that are relevant year-to-year.  This committee utilizes results from the All Student Survey and their own understanding of popular/trending topics amongst the student body to fulfill that aspect of programming. 


The Traditions Committee Plans some of our more spirited events on campus! The Traditions Committee plays a large part in the planning and execution of Homecoming Week events, Labor Stay events, and various other well-loved and highly-attended events that come back year to year. Events this committee puts on includes, but it is not limited to, Campus Ruckus, Street Fair, Crunch Brunch, Ping Pong Ball Drop, and Late Night Breakfast. Despite the long-established nature of the committee – Traditions still brings new fun events to campus each year as well.


While not technically a committee, the Promotions team consists of 6 technical and creative student employees- the directors of public relations, media, information technology, and two co-directors of graphic design. They work to ensure students are well informed of the events we plan and that internal procedures are followed for each event to be put on according to University requirements. 

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