Virtual Bingo

Welcome to SAB’s Virtual Bingo! There are a few things you need to know before you get started, so please read the below information carefully.

Getting your Bingo Cards: Please click the “Get Your Cards” button below to claim your cards. You will be required to enter your UKY email address to receive your bingo cards. You must use your UKY email address, otherwise, you will not be eligible to win prizes. We use your UKY email to verify that you are both a student, and have a valid Bingo. Each player will receive a total of 2 bingo cards for the entire session and can play up to two cards at once. The cards are good for the entirety of the session and can be reset after each round. Players cannot use the same Bingo cards from previous weeks. They must request new cards each week. The previous week’s Bingo card’s ID will be voided, and will not be allowed to win a Bingo.

Joining the game: To join the game, click the “Join the Zoom” button below. To join the Zoom, you must log in with your LinkBlue. Although Faculty and Staff are invited to participate, you must be a full-time, UK student to win prizes. In the Zoom, there will be a live stream of the Bingo calling, via audio and screen share. Please pay attention to what the required pattern is to win, as it will change each round!

Check out the Prizes: We’ve worked hard to find some great prizes for our winners! If you want a sneak peek of what you can win, click the “View Prizes” button below for a list of prizes you can select from. Please remember, you must be a current full-time UK student, graduate UK student, or confirmed full-time incoming UK Student. To be considered full time, a student must be registered for 12+ credit hours of in-person classes for the Fall 2020 semester.

Suggestions or comments? We’d love to hear them! Whether its theme ideas, jokes, way to make playing easier, or anything else, please feel free to submit them on using the button below. Are you a student organization or UK department looking to collaborate? Please email!

Winning the Game: During the game, if you get a bingo, hit the “raise hand” button on the bottom bar. We will then temporarily unmute your microphone for you to read the card ID. In the top corner of your card is the card’s ID #. Read this ID, and we will check the card on our end to make sure it is a valid bingo. If it is a valid Bingo, we will collect your information using the form below (Click the “I’m A Winner” button). You will fill out your shipping information, UK ID and UKY email (make sure it matches what you used to claim the cards), and select your prize. Each player is only allowed to win 1 prize on the same day. In other words, players are eligible to win 1 prize per weekly bingo session. Prizes will ship whenever a return to campus is permitted for SAB staff or can be picked up when students return to campus. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

New to Bingo? Check out the video below for more on how to play classic bingo! We’ll be playing 75 ball bingo.

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