“When you come to UK, you are UK, now and forever.” The SAB Traditions Committee is dedicated to preserving the rich history of the University of Kentucky, and instilling new traditions into the lives of the present students and every future student who steps foot on campus.

With rich tradition’s such as Paint the Town Blue and Kitty Karnival, SAB’s Traditions committee helps to instill a sense of pride in UK’s past in our students. But, with great innovative events such as “Legacy Week”, which featured a campus-wide day of service as well as a Senior Candlelight Ceremony, this committee is making it’s mark on future traditions of the University of Kentucky.

As a board, SAB works to reach all of our core values. The director of Traditions, Zoe Pittman, describes the ways that her committee reaches each of these:

  • Teamwork: We collaborate a lot with Student Government and STAT / Team Wildcat for our Homecoming Events
  • Diversity: This year for Homecoming we have made it our mission to make events that will attract a more diverse crowd. We wanted to make sure that the everyday student felt welcomed on campus especially during Homecoming Week. Homecoming is supposed to be celebration of what University of Kentucky is all about.
  • Stewardship: The Traditions Committee is being a good steward of what “traditions” means to the University of Kentucky. We are made sure that we kept those traditions that meant the world to our University while instilling some new ones that will hopefully make an impact on campus for decades to come. We are also being good stewards of student fees by listening to the student body and applying it in ways that makes the campus better and their experience better we as well.
  • Enrichment: Homecoming this year will be a very enriching experience for the student body of the University of Kentucky. Our events show and provide an opportunity to remind the students that they are apart of something bigger on University of Kentucky’s campus.

Get to know the Traditions Committee:

Each Director on the Student Activities Board is given the responsibility to leading their specific committee, as well as working with other committees, to plan great events to bring to the campus.

Zoe Pittman- Director of Traditions

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Interior Design and minor in Business Management
  • Hometown: Atlanta, GA
  • Favorite Past SAB Event: Laverne Cox
  • Favorite Past Traditions Event: Ping Pong Ball Drop
  • Event Zoe is Most Excited For: Homecoming Week 2014

The committee chairs play a vital role in the machine that is SAB. Coming from places all over the country, our chairs, along with our directors, all bring something unique and special to the board. Learn more about the diverse variety of students that help in bringing huge events to the University of Kentucky Campus.

Get to know the Traditions Chairs:

Kelly Kramer

  • Year: Freshman
  • Major: Biology
  • Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Favorite Past SAB Event: Chance the Rapper concert
  • Event Kelly is Most Looking Forward To: Street Fair

Paige Cranwell

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Integrated Strategic Communication
  • Hometown: Arlington, Virginia
  • Favorite Past SAB Event: Crunch Brunch
  • Favorite Past Traditions Event: Senior Candlelight Ceremony

Ashley Nantz

  • Year: Freshman
  • Major: Social Work / Pre Law
  • Hometown: Tampa, FL
  • Favorite Past SAB Event: Chance the Rapper
  • Favorite Past Traditions Event: Tabling for Homecoming
  • Event Ashley is Most Looking Forward To: Homecoming

Tiffany Watts

  • Year: Freshman
  • Major: Biology
  • Hometown: North Fort Myers, Florida
  • Favorite Past SAB Event: Chance The Rapper
  • Favorite Past Traditions Event: Homecoming!
  • Event Tiffany is Most Looking Forward To: Homecoming!!

The Tradition’s Committee is gearing up for Homecoming Week 2014, which kicks off TOMORROW with Paint the Town Blue! Check out our Tumblr post on Homecoming for information on all that is goin’ on to celebrate the ROARING tradition of UK!