The Student Activities Board (SAB) is a student run organization, for students – by students. With the help of professional staff members that serve as advisors, SAB is able to put on 60+ enriching and engaging events a school year.

Mission Statement:
The purpose of the Student Activities Board shall be to provide diverse events that educate and entertain students, faculty/staff, and the community of the University through efficient programming.  The Board strives to enrich the co-curricular experience through leadership and involvement on the Board and in the production of events.

Core Values:

The board functions off of four core values. They help make our events, our members, and the board itself, a success.

Our core values are:

  • Teamwork: To strive to create a network of members that is tied together by communication, friendship and cooperation that works toward building lasting ties with the UK community.
  • Enrichment: To not only provide entertainment but to use our events as a medium through which to enlighten and educate.
  • Diversity: To serve various groups of different lifestyles, cultures and ethnic backgrounds through an array of events focused on entertaining, education and ultimately uniting.
  • Stewardship: To efficiently and effectively manage all financial affairs, give back to the student body, promote leadership, preserves integrity, and be accountable.

Over the past few years, we’ve planned some awesome collaborative events including (but not limited to):

  • Holi – SAB Multicultural Affairs Committee and UK Indian Student Association
  • Korean Heritage Festival – SAB Multicultural Affairs Committee and UK Korean Student Association
  • Moving Mountains: A Celebration of Eastern Kentucky with Sundy Best – SAB Concerts Committee and CCO Mountain Cats
  • Underground Formal – SAB Traditions Committee, Underground Perspective, the MLK Center and the Office of LGBTQ* Resources
  • The Art of Storytelling: Soup and Substance and #TrendingTopics – SAB Engaging Issues Committee and the MLK Center
  • FIFA Tournament – SAB Pop Culture and Campus Life Committees and UK Athletics

The Basics of a Collaboration

The Student Activities Board defines a collaboration as a mutually beneficial partnership between two or more organizations or departments that help build useful relationships between all parties involved for the betterment of the entire UK community. Moreover, collaborations are important to SAB because they provide resources that we may not otherwise have been able to develop, bring in students that would not have otherwise been exposed to our programs, and expands the network of individuals involved in the SAB programming process. From start to finish, all parties involved in the collaboration should put equal effort into researching, promoting, running, and executing the event.

SAB plans their events a semester in advance. For instance, Fall events are planned in the Spring prior and Spring events are planned in the Fall prior. For example, Crunch Brunch in December 2016 was planned in the Spring of 2016. Therefore, all discussions of collaborations are ideally facilitated a semester in advance of the proposed event.   

Note: SGA Funding

SAB is not a funding board. If you are seeking funding for your event, please consider requesting SGA funding grants by visiting, or contacting the Appropriations & Revenue Chair Austin Bach at


Contact the President Courtney Marburger,, or SAB advisor Rachael Hanson,


Collaborative Event Interest Form

Please fill out the form and return it to the Student Activities Board upon its completion. Please note that SAB plans its programs a semester in advance and collaborations are not guaranteed once the form is completed. SAB reserves the right to adjust any event details or logistics on collaborations per the Collaboration Agreement.

Brief Description/Vision and Purpose of the Event

SAB Information

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