The Basics of a Collaboration

The Student Activities Board defines a collaboration as a mutually beneficial partnership between two or more organizations or departments that help build useful relationships between all parties involved for the betterment of the entire UK community. Moreover, collaborations are important to SAB because they provide resources that we may not otherwise have been able to develop, bring in students that would not have otherwise been exposed to our programs, and expands the network of individuals involved in the SAB programming process. From start to finish, all parties involved in the collaboration should put equal effort into researching, promoting, running, and executing the event.

SAB plans their events a semester in advance. For instance, Fall events are planned in the Spring prior and Spring events are planned in the Fall prior. For example, Crunch Brunch in December 2016 was planned in the Spring of 2016. Therefore, all discussions of collaborations are ideally facilitated a semester in advance of the proposed event.

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