SAB in the Halls


SAB is moving in! The SAB in the Halls committee is devoted to bringing the SAB experience right into your hall. We are dedicated to bringing exciting new programs into your hall, with programs such as, Wrap up Kentucky, Big Blue Yoga Nation, and Rock Hard Abs. You’ll be begging your Resident Advisor for more. Current residents will have the opportunity to meet other residents, and get a sense of all SAB has to offer. So pack your bags and get ready for an incredible semester with SAB.

Committee Members

This committee is currently vacant.

All RA Experience Events must be requested at least three weeks before the first date in which you prefer the event to occur.

RA Experience Programs

Hey Resident Advisors! Are you looking for new exciting ways to engage your residents? Well SAB in the Halls has the solution. SAB in the halls is committed to bringing residents and their RA’s closer through our exciting programs. It is a free resource to you and an easy set up! Click below to begin your experience!

Wrap Up Kentucky


Wrap Up America strives to raise awareness about poverty and to donate blankets to the homeless. At the University of Kentucky, it also seeks to gain connections within the community, integrating non-profit organizations with the college to meet the needs of that organization and providing opportunity for college students to directly impact the community. Wrap up America is a non-profit organization around the United States. Wrap up Kentucky is a student run organization on campus that will come into the Halls and the residents will make the blankets, which are donated to the Hope Center in Lexington. The CCO will also have an opportunity to come to these events and talk about even more ways of getting involved on campus when it comes to serving, connecting, and uniting the University of Kentucky with its surrounding community.

For more information about Wrap Up Kentucky check out

Big Blue Yoga Nation


Back by popular demand, Big Blue Yoga Nation is an entry level Yoga Class available to your halls! Our instructor is a trained Yoga Instructor who will tailor your class to the level of experience of your residents and you. If you would like a way to de-stress and enter into a tranquil world for an hour, Yoga is the event for you! 

Rock Hard Abs


Are you ready to sweat? Kickstart your new workout plan with Rock Hard Abs! Our trained instructor will work your residents and you into shape to the sound of Radios Newest Hits. Bring healthy living into your halls and whip your residents into shape!

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