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Named in honor of Miss Mackie Rasdall (Student Center Director 1944-1966), the Rasdall Gallery has shown progressive, exciting exhibitions throughout its history. Of the most recent exhibits of the student-run gallery, UK students and faculty have seen works from internationally renown street artist Shepard Fairey, installation artist Waseem Touma, "Katrina Submerged" artist Lori K. Gordon, Post Secret collections, as well as numerous student shows and competitions. With each semester, the Cultural Arts Committee of the Student Activities Board works to bring talent and innovation to UK's campus. The gallery's entrance can be found in the the Grand Hall, around the corner from the Student Center Ticket Office.

PRHBTN Street Art Gallery

Reception: September 16 // 7 pm // Rasdall Gallery
Exhibit: September 16 - 29 // Rasdall Gallery

PRHBTN is a celebration of art and community that will infuse the Rasdall Gallery with the life of street art. This exhibition moves past spray cans and displays the vast culture that has become street art. The reception will take place on Sept. 16 7 p.m. in the Rasdall Gallery and will remain on display through the 19th. Join us in getting to know a large player in the Lexington art scene.


Nerd Night Gallery Exhibit

Reception: October 2 // 7 pm // Rasdall Gallery
Exhibit: October 2 - 29 // Rasdall Gallery

Hop aboard your hippogriffs, pod racers, and phone booths and get to the Rasdall Gallery on Oct. 2! Students will be able to view works from multiple pop culture artists representing several fandoms such as Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Star Wars. Students will also be able to enjoy original songs and popular covers the folk band Branches. The “Nerd Night” Gallery reception will be from 5:30-7 p.m. but the prints will be on display until Oct. 29. Join us on this “nerdy” night to receive the opportunity to win your very own print!


Dana Harper Gallery Exhibit

Reception: November 5 // 7 ppm // Rasdall Gallery
Exhibit: November 5 - December 14 // Rasdall Gallery 

Stop by the Rasdall Gallery on Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. to witness the installation work of Dana Harper. This work includes the artistic piece “Bloom Bloom” which incompases beauty and gender topics through bright colors and unique mediums. Harper’s work has been shown all over the Ohio area, and recently was installed in Busters here in Lexington, Kentucky for the Boomslang Music Festival, a celebration of art and sound. Harper’s work will be on display in the gallery until Dec. 14.


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