KY Pride Week

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The Farmers MarCat
is UK’s semesterly on-campus farmers market. In addition to purchasing local products from KY Proud farmers, student and community organizations will be present to inform attendees how they can live an overall sustainable lifestyle beyond the food that they eat. This enriching event brings a wide spectrum of groups together to educate and enlighten students, faculty, and staff about the benefits of living sustainably so that we ALL can work together to make UK and our community truly “see blue [and] eat green.”

Ben Sollee Concert
This event promotes the Kentucky music scene, which many people don’t know exists. The artist Ben Sollee and his opener Justin Paul Lewis both showcase quality music from within the state as well as giving the students a known name from within the indie music scene.

KY for KY
Griffin VanMeter will be giving a lecture about how Kentucky for Kentucky has been tasked with developing a viable brand and tagline for the great Commonwealth of Kentucky. He will in addition to that speak on the business process behind that as well as unifying the Commonwealth, and distinguishing Kentucky from any other place on the planet.

KY for KY Exhibit
Kentucky for Kentucky is an organization that helps repackage Kentucky to the world, and to ourselves. Gone are the days of moonshine swilling, barefoot camo-wearing rednecks and now we see an appreciation for what Kentucky really is, an incredible and absolutely stunningly beautiful place to live.