Promoting cultural awareness, diversity, and inclusive communities are the ultimate goals of the Multicultural Affairs Committee. Through performances, lectures, and open discussions, this committee helps to unite campus. Previous events include the Why We Love Hip Hop series and the cultural event, Wild Cat Rhythm: A Reggae Celebration.  Our programs not only entertain, but educate the campus community on issues close to home and around the globe. We strive to bring prevalent issues to light and to embrace diversity and multiculturalism.

Committee Members

  • Kristyn Cherry - Director of Multicultural Affairs
  • Ebone Byse- Committee Chair
  • Elizabeth Morehead - Committee Chair
  • Janani Gurukkal - Committee Chair
  • Parth Patel - Committee Chair
  • Lee Mengistu- Committee Chair
  • Quiyana Murphy- Commitee Chair
  • Hannah Cornett- Committee Chair

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