Nothing is too taboo for the Engaging Issues Committee. Its mission is to educate and to empower by bringing activists, best-selling authors, educators, philanthropists, and even UK faculty to challenge and inspire students. In the past, this committee has created events for everything from religion, suicide prevention, race relations, self-defense, sustainability, sex, politics, and LGBTQ topics, to social change. As part of this mission, Engaging Issues has hosted philanthropists such as Blake Mycowskie of TOMS, Jamie Tworkowski of TWLOHA, and Dan Austin of 88Bikes, as well as celebrities like MTV’s Andrew Jenks and Grammy-award winner and activist John Legend.

Committee Members

  • James Collard- Director of Engaging Issues
  • Becca Boom- Committee Chair
  • Karan George- Committee Chair
  • Samantha La Mar- Committee Chair
  • Jane Noelker- Committee Chair
  • Connor Giesselman- Committee Chair
  • David Kinstley- Committee Chair

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