Art exhibits, photography competitions, spoken word poetry, and any other art forms that enrich the campus community are under the spectrum of the Cultural Arts Committee. Past events include presentations by PostSecret author Frank Warren as well as Bravo’s Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano. The Rasdall Gallery, located in the Student Center, has housed several amazing exhibits brought to you by this committee, like The Art of the Brick Lego and interactive art shows like "Create Your Own Masterpiece" and "The World is Your Canvas."

Committee Members

  • Melissa Simon- Director of Cultural Arts
  • Layne Krupilski- Committee Chair
  • Kelsey Potter- Committee Chair
  • Taylor Hamilton- Committee Chair
  • Michael Perry- Committee Chair
  • Ryan Ruff- Commitee Chair
  • Monet Proctor- Committee Chair
  • Sommer Cade- Committee Chair
  • Brittney Woodrum- Committee Chair

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