A crucial part of maintaining student spirit, Campus Life is the center of fun and entertainment at the university. Kicking off the year with Student Center Spectacular and Campus Ruckus, this committee plans a variety of fun, interactive events, with an emphasis on the novelty, comedy, and variety programs.  The Campus Life Committee also hosts the homegrown series, Massage on the Go, where massage therapy students from the Lexington Healing Arts Academy provide free massages to students before Midterms and Finals week.

Committee Members

  • Abbey Tillman - Director of Campus Life
  • Emily Sudkamp - Committee Chair
  • Luke Humkey- Committee Chair
  • Ashley Zepeda - Committee Chair
  • Taylor Otto - Committee Chair
  • Jill Marks - Committee Chair
  • Aiko Lovejoy - Committee Chair
  • Tynesha Marshall - Committee Chair

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