Mission and Core Values

The purpose of the Student Activities Board (SAB) is to enhance the college experience by providing students and other members of the campus and local communities with entertaining, educational and/or enriching programs that are reflective of contemporary issues and trends.

Structure and Positions

The Board is composed of five main entities: three executives, seven programming committee directors, five promotions directors, a market research team, and committee chair members. The executives include the President, Vice-President of Internal Affairs, and Vice-President of Promotions. They are responsible for directing and overseeing the operations of the organization as a whole. The seven programming committee directors (Campus Life, Concerts, Cultural Arts, Engaging Issues, Multicultural Affairs, Pop Culture, Traditions) lead and coordinate the efforts of seven independent committees that program all of SAB’s events. The five members of the promotions team are skill-based positions that support the programming committees in creating promotional materials. The promotions team, led by the Vice-President of Promotions, consists of Directors of Graphic Design, Assistant Director of Graphic Design, Information Technology, Public Relations, and Media. The market research team is led by the Director of Market Research, who is responsible for gathering input from students about prospective events via surveys and focus groups.